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Ido Sivan Sevilla

Understanding the Cyber-Security Problem

I'm involved in:

After my Computer Science BA from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, and eight years of experience in Cybersecurity from the Israeli Air Force [Captain], Private Sector, and Prime Minister's Office, I am currently learning about the governance and regulation challenges in the field. 

In my current position, I'm a PhD Candidate and Research Assistant at the Public Policy Department of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I keep myself busy with learning theories of governance & regulation, while participating in a fascinating research project, funded by Israel's Ministry of Science, through which I am building cyber infrastructures, known as Honeypots, to learn about the behavior of hackers within information systems. Details about the project can be found here.

Below you can find some of my essays regarding public policy theories, and cyber-policies in particular:


Public Policy Theories:

Sivan-Sevilla - 2017 - Tradiing Privacy for Security in Cyberspace

Siboni and Sivan-Sevilla - Israeli Cyberspace Regulation

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